Calling All Intuitives, Healers, And Shaman…

Are you ready to move forward?

If you want to discover how to be a walker in both worlds, to trust your inner wisdom, create the future of your dreams, and make a difference in your life and others’ with the Animal Allies as your guide, then keep reading.

Activate Your Personal Power And Share It With The World


Animal Spirit Guides have transcended time as a reliable source and channel for inner wisdom,  clarity, and personal growth.

Whether you’re  already working with the energy and medicine of the Animal Kingdom, or you’re just discovering that it’s the right path forward for you to activate your intuitive and healing abilities this book is your ‘must have’.  

It’s the first of its kind and there’s nothing else like it anywhere in the world.

It’s time for you to claim your natural power and the everyday magic just waiting for you to see it.

Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals; The Complete Book of Animal Spirit Guides includes….

It’s time to be meet and get in a deeper relationship with the Animals of this world and the world beyond the veil.

We Connect With The Animal Kingdom To Better Understand Ourselves, This 3-d World

Connect With Your Intuition

The answers to any question can be found by looking within. As a trusted Tarot Advisor, you’ll connect with your intuition and help others connect with their inner wisdom using Tarot as a guide.

Explore Possibilities

Tarot is a tool that honors free will. As a trusted Tarot Advisor, you can show the possibilities and paths available, knowing that it’s up to us to create positive change in our lives.

Manifest Goals

Finding the right answers starts with asking the right questions. As a trusted Tarot Advisor, you’ll know the key to asking questions that provide actionable answers, showing the way to manifest goals and dreams.

Meet the Author

Meet Bernadette (AKA Mama Bear)! She’s a multi-award winning author and world renown Shamanic practitioner, evidential psychic medium, and tarot reader.

She’s the creator and author of the best-selling, multi-award winning Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck. In 2019 the deck raised almost $50,000 during its Kickstarter campaign. And The Ark made history when it swept all major tarot contests in 2021.

Bernadette is also the creator and author of The Complete Book of Animal Spirit Guides. This, her newest book, raised $50,000.00 during its Kickstarter campaign and presold hundreds of copies. The book was also awarded the prestigious Kickstarter’s “Projects We Love” badge.

She’s also the publisher of two of the Internet’s largest resources of free metaphysical and spiritual wisdom, guidance, and tutorials;


To learn more about Bernadette click to visit her “About” page.


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