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  • I have been wheelchair bound since 2008 and for some reason asking for help is just nearly impossible for me, so I've struggled to keep my home clean by myself for years. WELL I finally gave in. I need help! And guess what?! Today at exactly 11:11 someone responded to my request! I had to sit and smile for beat. A reminder that I did the right thing... I think that's how I'm taking it anyway. :D
    The 7 of swords keeps showing up for me. Almost every single time I pull cards, it either falls out or shows up. I imagine it keeps coming back because I haven't quite figured out the right message yet. What does the 7 of swords mean to you ? Perhaps I need new eyes to see!
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    Humaning is a strange endeavor.
    Long. Emotional. Night. If you don't mind, send me all the good vibes you can.. please for the morning. So I may be guided. So I may hear the message.. and please let the right words find me. Please. 🙏🙏
    We have lived in our home for seven years now and not once have I had a snake come into my yard. It seemed like the snakes and I had some sort of an agreement "you stay over there, I'll stay over here." 😅 lol

    Well, I began working with Medusa. I specifically mentioned I'd prefer not to see her reptilian friends. She had other plans.... Three!! Three times now a bullsnake has come to hang out with me... 😂😭😳
    This morning I pulled a few cards for myself and I just had to share!! First 8 of wands came tumbling out sideways - that gave me a flash of a fire in the forest, left me with the impression of "be careful of being burned by investments" - next I pulled two cards .. 8 cups and 8 swords. 😳 So many 8's!!!! (It's not a number 8 day by the way.. I checked immediately after 😅 lol)
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