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Recent content by Snowwolf

  1. Snowwolf

    13 Chakra's ... 22 Chakras!?

    I find the Tibetan singing bowls healing meditations useful. This one is for the root chakra but there are others on you tube for the other chakras the sound resonnance is wonderfully soothing, calming and relaxing. Hope this helps and adds something. Di aka Snowwolf
  2. Snowwolf

    I Am Grieving...

    I feel your pain. On this the day of the dove I wish your heart peace. The dove also symbolises the pure love and spiritual link between those who've crossed the rainbow bridge and those of us who remain here. I too have experienced the grief of losing a much loved brother and I try to be the...
  3. Snowwolf

    You've NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS! Innovative Sound Healing Session w/ special guest Lisa Snyder

    Thank you Lisa and Bernadette for enabling us to listen to this amazing interview and practice. Ą lot to take in. I have heard of people speaking in 'tongues' (often associated with Christian and pagan ceremonies, along with shamanism and practices in Japan) but I've never before witnessed it...
  4. Snowwolf

    What do you see?

    I saw the lamb first, then the whale. Then I thought of the whale evolving out of the water and becoming the lamb on land. Then I thought the 2 are joined the water and the land, the lamb and the whale - we are all one. What a beautiful piece.
  5. Snowwolf

    LIVE Healing Tarot Reading - Weds. June 16, 2021

    Thank you Mama Bear so wonderful you link all things metaphysical together in a wonderful down to earth WAY. Inspirational the healing resonates down to my soul. DI
  6. Snowwolf

    HIDDEN TREASURES - Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Sat. June 12, 2021

    Thank you Bernadette for these wonderful pearls of wisdom. My tiny pearl inside is positively growing and glowing into a real gem getting ready to open to the outside world. Di
  7. Snowwolf

    TIME TO TRANSCEND - Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Mon. June 07, 2021

    How lovely. I drew the bear card last night and you reaffirmed it today. I am a grandma bear and I'm being asked to look after my grandson when my daughter goes back to work at the end of the month. This is a privilege and I can't wait to share all the wonderful plants and animals in nature with...
  8. Snowwolf

    SHAMANIC DEEP DIVE with KATHERINE SKAGGS - Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Sun. June 06, 2021

    Wow! Ladies thank you for this amazing Masterclass lots to think about and act upon! Bernadette you are amazing to help us all enable in this way. Di 😍
  9. Snowwolf

    Guided Meditation - April 11, 2021

    Thank you Trish I've helped various age children for all my adult life, but I'm very new to journeying and realising my spiritual path. I now realise children means all children, animals, birds, insects, plants, rocks - all of nature and now I realise what a gargantuan task this is. Like...
  10. Snowwolf

    Guided Meditation - April 11, 2021

    Thank you Bernadette. Today I set my intention to learn more about where I was heading on my spiritual journey. The first thing I heard was a dove calling - a dove of peace. I ventured further and heard another dove - I knew I was on the right track. Then I saw 2 babies gurgling and cooing in...
  11. Snowwolf

    BEWARE! You've NEVER seen tarot like THIS! Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Weds. Mar 24, 2021

    It sounds to me like you're at the stage where the cassowary card is sideways and you're on the fence. Maybe the sound of silence is the space you need before you move. I know I agonised a lot before I got out my claws but when I did I knew the decision was right and I'm very pleased I did...
  12. Snowwolf

    My furr baby and I could use some prayers if thats ok

    Sending you both love and healing light
  13. Snowwolf

    BEWARE! You've NEVER seen tarot like THIS! Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Weds. Mar 24, 2021

    Thank you Bernadette for today's reading it's so useful for me today. Living in the UK I have never seen or indeed heard of a cassowary until today! But boy did this resonate. I've been sitting on the fence with regard to a care issue for a vulnerable person, but you made me realise through your...
  14. Snowwolf

    Higher Self Guided Meditation - Meet and deeply connect to your higher self March 21, 2021

    Interesting! This is the mantra I use at the start of Kundalini yoga practice! It is very powerful in setting a good space for practice.
  15. Snowwolf

    INCREDIBLE Spirit Animal Past Life Regression Guided Meditation

    An Inuit taking a life would only do so with honour and using the whole animal for food, clothing and sustenance for him and his whole family. I believe by looking in your eyes he was saying this was out of necessity and giving you his blessing. I cannot qualify this in any way but it is what I...