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  1. starryphish2184

    Conversation Starter 2: Are you religious or spiritual or BOTH

    I've been to many churches small and mega with different faiths but I never belonged to any of them. In Tennessee, the people there approached me and asked what church I belonged to. none and then I'd get the stink eye lmao.. it didn't bother me until i had children. Wondering if there was a...
  2. starryphish2184

    Spirit Animal Funnies

    🤣🐾 Jean
  3. starryphish2184

    Winterwatch UK Live streams

    Ahh TY 🪶❤️ there is a nice stream at around 4 hours 40 minutes timestamp. 🙏😌
  4. starryphish2184

    Share Your Card Pulls from The Ark

    I was just doing a general read for myself. I got the hermit and I said "I swear I'm having fun!" Then turned the deck over to Chimp. Xoxo 💋 Animals. Thank you divine spirit and angels for guiding me down all the paths to get my business started. 🙏👑🗡️⛵
  5. starryphish2184

    Left or Right Hand.

    Christina Lopes on YouTube referenced the right hand being masculine and her left side being feminine. This is her perception maybe? I haven't researched it. A friend of mind got asked by someone which hand path she was on? It lead us to wonder. Light or dark? I use both hands. I do believe I am...
  6. starryphish2184

    Question of the Week 11/17: Do you Journal?

    Beautiful Insights Here. Ty so much. I'm getting more grounded with my journaling. I'm learning to separate my journals too. I didn't realize that I should've done this. I kept one giant journal full of aches and pains, growth and achievements. TY All Wildpack Love ❤️
  7. starryphish2184

    Update **No Friday Circle This Friday**

    Much Love and Happy Holidays Lisa and Family. Thank you for your generosity ❤️😇
  8. starryphish2184

    Pick a Card Daily Tarot Reading - Tuesday Dec. 7th, 2021

    I was watching this episode and I had to share my guilty pleasure. I've probably watched that show The Nanny 3x each Love it so much lol. "Did somebody Babka!?" 😎 I swear there is a piece of Jewish inside of me somewhere. Love you Mama Bear 🐻 this show was on my birthday. 🙏👑❤️
  9. starryphish2184

    [ATTACH] Today is gonna be animated 🤣🙏⚡ What's poppin' Universe? I'm Ready 🏋️

    Today is gonna be animated 🤣🙏⚡ What's poppin' Universe? I'm Ready 🏋️