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  1. starryphish2184

    Conversation Starter 2: Are you religious or spiritual or BOTH

    I've been to many churches small and mega with different faiths but I never belonged to any of them. In Tennessee, the people there approached me and asked what church I belonged to. none and then I'd get the stink eye lmao.. it didn't bother me until i had children. Wondering if there was a...
  2. starryphish2184

    Spirit Animal Funnies

    🤣🐾 Jean
  3. starryphish2184

    Winterwatch UK Live streams

    Ahh TY 🪶❤️ there is a nice stream at around 4 hours 40 minutes timestamp. 🙏😌
  4. starryphish2184

    Share Your Card Pulls from The Ark

    I was just doing a general read for myself. I got the hermit and I said "I swear I'm having fun!" Then turned the deck over to Chimp. Xoxo 💋 Animals. Thank you divine spirit and angels for guiding me down all the paths to get my business started. 🙏👑🗡️⛵
  5. starryphish2184

    Left or Right Hand.

    Christina Lopes on YouTube referenced the right hand being masculine and her left side being feminine. This is her perception maybe? I haven't researched it. A friend of mind got asked by someone which hand path she was on? It lead us to wonder. Light or dark? I use both hands. I do believe I am...
  6. starryphish2184

    Question of the Week 11/17: Do you Journal?

    Beautiful Insights Here. Ty so much. I'm getting more grounded with my journaling. I'm learning to separate my journals too. I didn't realize that I should've done this. I kept one giant journal full of aches and pains, growth and achievements. TY All Wildpack Love ❤️
  7. starryphish2184

    Update **No Friday Circle This Friday**

    Much Love and Happy Holidays Lisa and Family. Thank you for your generosity ❤️😇
  8. starryphish2184

    Pick a Card Daily Tarot Reading - Tuesday Dec. 7th, 2021

    I was watching this episode and I had to share my guilty pleasure. I've probably watched that show The Nanny 3x each Love it so much lol. "Did somebody Babka!?" 😎 I swear there is a piece of Jewish inside of me somewhere. Love you Mama Bear 🐻 this show was on my birthday. 🙏👑❤️
  9. starryphish2184

    [ATTACH] Today is gonna be animated 🤣🙏⚡ What's poppin' Universe? I'm Ready 🏋️

    Today is gonna be animated 🤣🙏⚡ What's poppin' Universe? I'm Ready 🏋️
  10. starryphish2184

    Crows are Smart

    🤣🪶 I will warn before I attack.
  11. starryphish2184

    Positive energy help

    Sending positive abundant vibes 🌈
  12. starryphish2184

    Deep thoughts and reflection on signs, messages and angels.

    Sending you virtual hugs and love LCC. I think you were very brave to send him home with love and hope. As much as it hurts to be grieving at the same time. Heavenly family reunions. ❤️🙏😇
  13. starryphish2184

    YOUR FUTURE MAY DEPEND ON THIS SYNCHRONICITY! Monthly Horoscope & Tarotscopes December 2021

    Amazing! TY Mama🐻💎👑 Divine and Spirit for all the synchronicities the last 5 years have been transformational Mind Body Spirit
  14. starryphish2184

    Angels, Whale, Dolphins, Shark, Light Language, Tuning Forks

    That was an amazing healing session Lisa Divine and Ancients Thank you so much. Today's healing session for Mother Earth was awesome too. She's so beautiful ❤️☮️🌎