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  1. Pearlized

    All Apologies...

    I was not quite sure how to reply so i will start with this. Please dont apologise Your own experiences along the path of healing helps someone else who follows on a similar path. Hubby is a trauma warrior {{though not a Veteran}} All we have learnt together, to get him to the place he is...
  2. Pearlized

    HIDDEN TREASURES - Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Sat. June 12, 2021

    oh wow. I hung on every word of this. I have to admit its the little gritty things that can irritate the life out of me, yet some of the big stuff i can breeze through. Yea i can be full of ""Pearls of wisdom too". The big stuff is like when here we are on holiday and we are in our favourite...
  3. Pearlized

    Life has been......an adventure

    Road trip today 😁 :love: Will send all a post card from there Well a few pics over the next few days. 💜💜💜🦋
  4. Pearlized

    How do you celebrate your birthday - or not?

    Birthdays seems to be more of a private thing here. Mainly because hubby's birthdays as a kid were not good. I have tried to boost him up for them Tried to make them special just for him. Which is fine as long as i dont go over board, like i did a bit last Sept for his 60th. We were on holiday...
  5. Pearlized


  6. Pearlized

    Woke up at 3.33 am for a reason.

    Not happened before but this morning i woke up at 3.33 am and i just had to get up. I began house hunting on line and found the one i was looking at last night at 4.33am. MM not sure if that is significant but as for the 3.33 am waking up, hubby has a strong connection to the number 3. Lots of...
  7. Pearlized

    Let's get WILD! Introduce yourself!

    Hi @EllsBeaux Welcome from another Brit here. Its a fun interesting and informative place to be. You will soon find your way around and you have done just fine introducing yourself. Have fun laughing along with Mama bear on her daily card readings. They can be hilarious at times. 💜🦋
  8. Pearlized

    LIVE Tarot Pick a Card Reading - Tuesday June 08, 2021

    Sorry could not resist I was 16 when this came out and we howled at the people who snowed about it :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: 🦋
  9. Pearlized

    SHAMANIC DEEP DIVE with KATHERINE SKAGGS - Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Sun. June 06, 2021

    Wow I mean just WOW. Thank you both This made me sit up, listen and take notice of many things. Al the time i am hearing "" Go north Go north We are waiting for you."". Which took me back to a Sunday Ceremony weeks ago. I may keep coming back and adding more to this as the days go by.
  10. Pearlized

    EMERGENCY SITUATION - Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Fri. June 04, 2021

    I was actually pleasant and polite in the end, but did get my point across. BIG TIME. :love: 🦋 Edited to add in This morning. I dont know why i bother I mean 2 paint colours for in that room only 2 ONLY. White and Magnolia. {{ Yea to keep it neutral }} 1 wall already done Magnolia 2...
  11. Pearlized

    YUCK IT UP! Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Sat. June 05, 2021

    LOL The one looking round wondering why everyone is laughing is my hubby. Then you can bet your life it is something he has said in all seriousness, but has everyone ROFL. The friend who i can do crazy with is actually my hubby. I mean from riding motorbikes at race speed round the Mountain...
  12. Pearlized

    EMERGENCY SITUATION - Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Fri. June 04, 2021

    Oh my Oh boy Oh yes. ""If you want something doing right You gotta do it your self."" My feathers are going to be puffed up and i AM going to strut my stuff tomorrow. I am going to be king and I AM going to be listened to. Because we have had to do something ourselves. Help we were supposed to...
  13. Pearlized

    Question of the Week 6/4: Manifesting Wishes, Dreams, and Goals - Wildpack Community Energetic Booster Pack

    We have a home move planned Well it was begun back in February 2020. But as we all know life for all had to be either put on hold or drastically changed. From Monday7th I begin searching online for houses to view in the area we are looking at. Next Friday wo are going there for a 10 day working...
  14. Pearlized

    Life has been......an adventure

    Ok Ladies Oh yes and Gents. We are all here to help when needed
  15. Pearlized

    If You Build It, THEY WILL COME!!! Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Thurs. June 03, 2021

    Collaboration has been high on the agenda for the last 2 days. Between hubby and i that is. Working out which one of us is doing which decorating job. Yesterday we worked together and finished a job started by someone else. Because no more waiting around to see if they would turn up or not...
  16. Pearlized

    Anyone go into panic mode When Mercury is in Retrograde. If so WHY ???

    So Mercury is in Retrograde and many posts on various FB pages, all going "" OH NO"" I mean WHY. Do you do this. I see it as a positive for many things. Like the following. 1. Tying up loose ends that you have left for too long. 2. Letting go of ideas that no longer work for you. 3...
  17. Pearlized

    STOP! Don't Quit Now! Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Weds. June 02, 2021

    OMG i adore Jon Bon Jovi's Living on a prayer. We sing it together Because for us it is so true. The part where the lyrics say. ""Take my hand we'll make it I swear"" and yea we made it through so much TOGETHER. We even did that this morning We finished off some wallpapering his nephew had...
  18. Pearlized

    BMR for the day - Bragging about Gifts

    No i think you are perfectly correct in what you are saying. They may be well meaning. But how many of us here shout out to the world what we are capable of. I myself cannot name one. This may be hard hitting, but those who shout it out to everyone, are they for real or not. If you are good...
  19. Pearlized

    Animal Bites and Insect Stings...

    There are no dumb questions To be honest, the only dumb questions are those not asked. As for your question Its actually a good one. Not sure how it would be for many but its a possibility. I do know i have only ever been stung by 1 Bee and 3 wasps. Wasps are nasty little critters at the end...