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    All Apologies...

    I don’t know what you posted, but I don’t think you need to apologize for being real.We all have or have had deep issues to deal with,maybe your story resonates with someone here, and it helps them to heal.I come here for encouragement and to learn from others, to hear their stories, that might...
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    Uh oh. Need opinions. Is 750 pages too much for my new book? .

    No more wisdom is good, what do the animal allies say???
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    TIME TO WAKE UP! Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Tues. June 15, 2021

    Thank you, I finally decided last night that I have to walk away from something, why because I have value, my soul deserves better. Funny to hear you say you are coming to Kansas to vacation, I live in Kansas.
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    Ask Mama Bear anything about Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals...

    I know I have the crab( birth totem) how do I know what else I have??
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    LIVE Healing Tarot Reading - Weds. June 16, 2021

    Couldn’t come at a better time
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    HIDDEN TREASURES - Pick a Card Tarot Reading - Sat. June 12, 2021

    Goodness, this felt more like a teaching moment, I was so moved. I’ve wanted this kind of knowledge, thank you. I’m going to need to listen to this several times, just for the reminders, that I need
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    Power animal

    It could be such a combination of things. I was raised to shut up and be quite, I didn’t speak up , it wouldn’t have been healthy to do so.I’m afraid to call again and get his wife again. Some say I should just go to his house, but that feels like invading his space and maybe I am afraid to hear...
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    Power animal

    Just found out who my bio dad, is . I just want to speak to him, find out about family, or health concerns. His nephew thinks it’s the wife who is stopping this, I’m not expecting him to be a dad,the man who raised me will always be my dad, but we could try to be friends
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    Power animal

    That’s food for thought, thank you
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    Power animal

    I might need to snake , spider,monkey and whale
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    Power animal

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    Power animal

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    Power animal

    If you needed a power animal , to give you that little extra kick in the pants for courage to have a conversation with someone , what would be the go to animal. Thanks
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    How do you celebrate your birthday - or not?

    Birthdays were never a big deal growing up, for me I think it was a day my mom would rather forget happened.The day only seemed special to me, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that being here is MY scared contract, therefore, it’s my time to honor all parts that I am. My birthday is next...
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    Intuitive help!!!

    I don’t remember how to start a new post so ( tech challenged)so I will just add a new question—I haven’t ever set an intention, but I feel like I need to, is there a right way to do this,it’s important to me to not mess it up. Thanks
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    Intuitive help!!!

    Thank you, I am trying to figure out what makes someone tick, waiting on him to open up
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    Intuitive help!!!

    I am a water sign (crab)I would be over the moon to live near a stream, a pond or waterfall, currently I don’t live near water.I currently don’t work, I spend my time riding with my husband-he’s a truck driver. You were so spot on, thank you.