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A great discovery


Apr 5, 2021
Good morning, Wild Pack Peoples.
While cruising Mama bears, other web sites, I came across one I'd missed in previous searches.
Perhaps it's new?
I posted a thread displaying the Native American birth totems a few weeks ago that caught the attention of attention of some people on here.
I just found a better posting which includes the Chinese zodiac (and others) in the following Mama Bear site.

A site well known to most - but not everyone.

I believe it is necessary to have a full understanding of ourselves before we can understand others, our place in this world, and the world in general.

If you don't know yourself, how can you know where you belong, what you're here for (your true purpose in life) - who and what you should search for - and what situations and events you should choose to be a part of?

Anyway, I highly suggest a visit to Mama Bears Web site leading to a few discoveries about your deeper inner self, which might change your thinking about your life, the way you do things, and why you've struggled so often in the past.

You might find that you've been that round peg being driven into a square hole - or a square peg who's been trying to fit yourself in a round hole.

Any study on who your inner being truly is - is a brilliant move toward a more loving, comfortable, and relaxed life.

It's life changing to know who and what you've always been - but never understood or knew.
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Mar 4, 2021
West Yorkshire UK
Oh Wow @Tina n Did not realise it was you As in Gypsynana. So from me across the pond.

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Feb 8, 2021
Yes BBB has a different flavor than the WIMSA. Mama Bear tries to focus on spiritual issues but in different ways. You might call BBB New-Agey (kinda), and WIMSA shamanic (kinda).