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Ask Mama Bear Anything About Psychic Development

Mama Bear

Dec 28, 2020
Mama Bear and community!

I guess I have two questions that coincide...Discernment has been my focus this year. I have had numerous types of psychic experiences and when they happen spontaneously they are 100% accurate. When I try to hone in on certain gifts, however, it is less so. I am wondering if, because of past trauma, it takes me longer to get into theta state and therefore it would benefit me to clear out all of my chakras first to become that hollow bone to receive messages "on demand"?
I know I have been shown all of these gifts in order to someday show others that they are capable of these gifts as well. I am wondering if anyone has any psychic exercises that can help with tapping into these gifts on a deeper level? Or any meditations on youtube or any tips on clearing blocks from your chakras?

Hi, Lily;

The first exercise I can offer is to take whatever steps necessary to stop thinking of psychic/clairvoyant/mediumship abilities as 'gifts'. Humans are indoctrinated/trained to think of a gift as something outside of the themselves that's been bestowed upon them by an outside energy/force. That which can be given may be taken away. So, there's always a subcurrent of fear inside when we think of these natural abilities as 'gifts'.

The next exercise is to understand/accept that we all have strong areas - naturally - that's nature. But there's a nurture component. In this, I've seen the 'weakest' psychic/medium set their mind to develop and now they're some of the most tapped in readers I know.

I can't speak to trauma blocking you from theta state but I absolutely can report that the whole 'gift' thing will stop you every time. The other thing I can report is that trauma survivors make MANY of the most effective and genuine healers and readers. We (including me) never forget our traumas. We just work to heal as well as we can, then learn to live with a bad neighbor. Meaning, you can't unsee or unexperience what you've seen and experienced. But you can great diminish the effect trauma has on your life.

Next, what's the intention when you seek these psychic messages? Is there one set or do you just open up and allow an energetic free-for-all in your Crown Chakra, Third Eye, Heart or Solar Plexus Chakra? No good will come of that. It can be wildly confusing. If you do want to remain open at all times (something I stttrroonnggggllllyyyy recommend against) then set intentions. For instance:

A. Issue a specific and detailed invitation: "Today I will only be open to receive psychic messages for X,Y, or Z."

B. Other psychics are totally OK receiving messages for others who have not given them permission to look into their energy. Based on the ethics I set for myself - it's a big no-no and completely outside good ethical boundaries. None of us want someone looking through our diary without permission. I see it as the same thing but FAR more invasive.

Sure hope that helps you move forward!


Well-known member
Mar 5, 2021
Mama Bear!

This helps TREMENDOUSLY!! Thank you. I'm having problems stringing sentences together so I will respond more specifically as soon as I can organize my thoughts better lol But what you say is super super helpful and I truly appreciate you taking time to respond to my question.
Much love and respect!! 🐻💖💖💖

Mark Ravenheart

Well-known member
May 28, 2021
@Mama Bear, I have a question about conversing with those, (in this case; loved ones), who have passed. I was awake last night in the middle of the night and took the time to have a heart-to-heart talk with family members who have transitioned. I was able to say a lot of things that I wasn't able to articulate when they were physically present.

So my question concerns a feeling of energy that wrapped around my body at a point just about 2 inches below my navel. It seemed to emanate from a point one or two inches below my "belly button" and it felt like I was being "tickled" and needed to pee except there was no physical urge to pee, it is just the only way I know to describe the feeling...

I don't know if others get this feeling or not, but I am wondering if this feeling tends to accompany deep conversations with those who have passed thru the veil? I also wonder what this sensation was and why it persisted for at least an hour after the end of the conversation? Is it part of psychic"sensing" such as clairsentience? Or is it an overactive chakra or something of that nature? Or could it be something about the way I process information? Anyway, I think you get the gist of my line of questioning.

Your thoughts are most welcome and I thank you in advance.