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Beautiful Spirit Animal Antics.


May 28, 2021
I have a social media page that I created where I snag and share beautiful nature photos, (includes wildlife as well as natural scenery), to inspire people to view (the beauty of) nature as sacred. I have so far posted about 4,000 photos and pictures of nature photography. I'd like to share some of the photos from that page that I call "tender moments"...
10690261_477180059088383_7252585590927754484_n.jpg 10850102_477312335741822_4105073648643730347_n.jpg
11707611_565622270244161_3582571777779602392_n.jpg 15822757_811201139019605_1311965314252775403_n.jpg 12647232_645515452254842_4367513058990992226_n.jpg 15822908_811202569019462_4808536950191895455_n.jpg
I hope you like these.
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