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Fly's and A Door Screen


Staff member
Mar 4, 2021
West Yorkshire UK
Weird title i know, but stay with me on this.

Yesterday Stu had a gut feeling that something bad is going happen. Not to us, but whatever it is will impact on us greatly. In so great a way that it will rock our world.

Now he does not get these very often, its usually me that gets them. This time i have nothing. He has said that it's from his family not mine, but who knows.

Well today we have been getting so so many Fly's coming in though our open door. Big ones too.

As i always have The Ark book at the side of me, i decided to look up the Fly, just out of curiosity. Wow i mean just WOW.

So the Fly is also the 5 of Swords. Oh boy did that make me sit back and think A LOT.

Spirit Animal ~ When Fly buzzes in Its time to be watchful for trouble. MMM OK.

As far as the 5 Swords goes, there is a part that says. ""Fly teaches you to tie up loose ends, clean up and leave nothing unfinished.""

It was only a few days ago that Stu had a strange nightmare. I told him possibly meant that he had not yet got closure on all of his family stuff, even though he thinks he has. Then this with the Fly's.

Hence going out and buying a Fly screen for the door. Just being cautious and keeping as many fly's out as possible. We have had enough over the years, we certainly dont need any more.
Mar 12, 2021
I had fly come out for me as well. That part stuck out to me and also the you will want to cut everything off like a sword but take your time to tie up loose ends and projects. ( I’m just paraphrasing here) my knee jerk reaction was to cut stuff off. Now I’m looking with a discerning eye and asking fly to help me navigate what needs to be done