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FOR EMPATHS! LIVE Tarot Pick a Card Reading - FREE readings - Wed Nov 17, 2021

Mark Ravenheart

Well-known member
May 28, 2021
I am totally down for this... I was once quizzed to determine the type of empath I am and the result was that I embody all the traits of the different types of empaths. Anyway, it was a quiz designed by the author of The Book Of Storms: Empath 101 so while I do not put a lot of faith in such quizzes they can open you up to a different way of thinking about yourself. I was considered a universal empath, which I thought was a nice thing to call myself but at the time I was not an empowered empath and I totally sucked up all the negative energy from those around me, often to the point of becoming quite ill. So, now that I have learned not to take those energies into myself I am all about learning how I can best use my empathic abilities. So, let me say Thank you Mama Bear for this upcoming reading, I'm so excited.


Well-known member
Mar 6, 2021
Duck Duck GOOSE (when I saw the card come up, that's what went through my mind) the Game....

Watching for the signs.... I have been all week. I think I have followed most of them. I am sad I could not watch the lunar eclipse tonight...its snowing. But I know it is happening.