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FREE LIVE TAROT READING - Pick a Card Monday Nov 8, 2021

Mark Ravenheart

Well-known member
May 28, 2021
I am looking forward to this live... as situations arose that caused me to have to stop listening the last few times, due to computer errors, phone calls, etc., etc. I miss Mama Bear and feeling connected to this group. I would say more in the chat if I didn't have such a difficult time typing, but that will not stop me from trying. I will "see" you all there.


Well-known member
Mar 4, 2021
West Yorkshire UK
An AMAZING live today. Lots of interesting snippets that i connected with in every part. Going to possibly go through it again tomorrow.

Off the look up Oyster and Star fish. Star fish because of the star you had on your desk today @Mama Bear

@Mama Bear also mentioned the lovely Frank Palmer who pulls Angel cards daily. You can find him on FB in The Cat And The Crow group.
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