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Mar 7, 2021
So glad these are recorded, I can't catch the morning ones live. So that was two cards that came out twice! I know it won't change how fast the chat scrolls, but one of the art channels that I watch live streams on tells people to type the word question in all caps before their question so that they are easier to pick out.

I do get it about the trees. I've been very close to trees since I can remember and I bawl every time I see a tree cut down. even when one is severely "pruned" (like for electrical lines), I feel like I was literally punched in the gut and feel sick. A tree that I knew was cut down once and since I happened to be taking one of Sandra Ingerman's courses at the time, I tried to do what she calls a ceremony of honorable closure for the tree. I couldn't stop crying though, and during the journey, the tree spirit ended up helping me by taking me to one of my spirit animals. That felt kind of embarrassing. A couple of times when my son drove me home from his house, my two-year-old grandbaby came with us. On both days it was sundown, and as we pulled away she exclaimed, "TREES!". I was so thrilled that the trees excite her. I hope she has the same kind of relationship or even better as the one that I have with them.