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MONEY MONDAY LIVE Tarot Pick a Card Reading - Mon Sept 13, 2021


New member
Aug 15, 2021
Northwest Indiana
Good morning Mama Bear, I know you are very busy. I wanted to send you a picture of myself and my significant other. It feels right to me for you to see what I look like, so you can recognize me better. You are absolutely amazing, phenomenal, beautiful and make me feel that there is hope. Thank you for accepting me into your life. Love Mindie Hall/Dukes. I'm sorry I'm going through a divorce and don't want Dukes as my last name. So Hall is my maiden name.



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Mar 6, 2021
I love WOOWOO Whap!

9:40 - This weekend I didn't focus on the money per say but started on what is my vision, desire, choosing what I want to work on/do/create with the three aspects of For Alliances, Inner Dimensions and Vampkitty Studios.

(OMG Didn't think of adding to my intents - This time, this dimension, this space to my thoughts)

17:51 - Soul Currency -- I love this...

22:51 - Pisces - Caterpillar - Cool on the new site!

49:08 - Marcus Aurelius was emperor of Rome during the 2nd century AD

49:51 - Scorpio - Bear, Queen of Pentacles - / Shark - Devil - What do I want to give to the world, now is the time for me to become to obsessed, focus on what I need to focus as if I have never focused on before. The money is already is inside me. I am the product...

First I just finished watching the final season of Lucifer- and the entire series has changed a lot of my own personal narrative about the God/Lucifer catholic upbringing, and really opened my mind to some very different ways of thinking.

I still believe there is pure Evil.
I believe that people can do harm/bad things/damage even when they mean well.

One of the most amazing underlying stories in the series is how much shadow work went into the story line and how much it played out throughout all 6 seasons. Especially how the revelations and gotcha Aha moments were written into the situations.

I now see the Devil - as the guilt of our Desires. The guilt of Actions.....
And the old way (Catholic) was to punish myself for what I thought were my sins including the desire to want to have money. We must be humble and desolate to be worthy of God.

Where the new way is doing the shadow work, facing this guilt and healing by realizing it is a choice - to have it or not.

Now to ponder on how does that focus that into FA/ID/VKS make it I am the product -what does that mean........

Gayle Wyant

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Mar 6, 2021
For those who are in the wild pack and Mama bear, you guys mean the world to me! I am a strong cancer, Gemini, Virgo and pisces person. So especially since my strokes in 2016 I take notes. During the lives make a few so I can part in the chats. I then go back and save and replay them on YouTube. I was told rest relax and basically stay in bed all weekend. So while you guys binge watched Netflix I binge watched the past two months of the lives and took notes. Yeah r&r has never been one of my talents.

Omg how they fit together and follow the same themes pretty much. So I would like to share a few I noticed. ...

Gayle Wyant

Well-known member
Mar 6, 2021
A lot of us are empathy, readers, healers, artist, writers and entrepreneurs. Synchroncities all around us if we stop and pay attention. Follow our gut or intuition. Do the shadow work. Choose your path and choose to make it happen. We can individually and as a group make such a difference in our own worlds, to each other and the planet if we so choose. And if something is not working or is working it all is in our perspective on the matter. I choose to be and am a wild one and part of the wild pack! In hope,joy, love, serenity, and interconnectedness Gayle