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Question of the Week 11/5: What role do you believe Psychology plays in spirituality and magic?

Mark Ravenheart

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May 28, 2021
Thoughts are things, they are an important part of magick and spirituality...Energy flows where attention goes. I think controlling and directing our thought energies is an important part of spirituality and magick. If we can think ourselves sick then it is very important to have conscious control of our thoughts.

Psychology can help direct us away from negative thinking habits. I have learned to ask myself, is this thought true, or is it just a thinking habit??? Because sometimes when a line of thought is repeated often enough people assume it must be true when in reality, it is just a thinking habit.

Psychology has played a large role in helping me to stop negative thoughts that were ingrained in me from childhood. It also helped me to choose my thoughts as a way of healing from emotional abuse. It is very empowering to choose more positive and helpful thoughts rather than to be tossed about in a negative quagmire. If we can think ourselves sick, then we can think ourselves well.

The bottom line for me is that the powers of the mind are miraculous and paramount to successful magick and to positive manifestations in our lives.

At least that is the role psychology has had for me in respect to magick and spirituality.
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Mar 6, 2021
Shadow work. I truly believe that all the shadow work, energy healing done with my psychology background and training has made my magick deeper and my spirituality more connected.

I notice when I stop doing my shadow work, or stop practicing the journal work that I have taught and trained many PTSD/Trauma/Sexual abused women to do, I start finding my magick tends to become muddy and unclear, and I stop feeling connected to the universe.