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Question of the Week: What Sacred Places/Spiritual Centers do you consider special to you? Have you Been there?


Staff member
Feb 8, 2021
When people think of sacred places filled with energy, Stonehenge is one that comes to mind. However, there are large and small swirling pools of Universal energy all over the world. When I went to Scotland we found a small church totally abandon in the countryside. While rustic, there was something really beautiful about it. When we went in, we knew immediately to be respectful. It's like a cloak of holy silence descended. I'll never forget that feeling.

Have you found such a place?

Do you want to visit a specific place (and why)?

When all this Covid stuff is over - we can use this thread for travel planning

Gayle Wyant

Well-known member
Mar 6, 2021
Part of me says a holy or sacred place is wherever you are. We each carry it inside of ourselves everywhere we each go. My favorite sacred places are ones I have created in practices such as a secluded open circle in the midst of a grove of trees or an astral temple that I have created for myself as a sanctuary that I can go to at anytime for respite, insight, recharging etc. In this physical plane there are some places I have been that stand out: Grand Canyon, Sedona, Mt Shasta, Athens, Pompeii, Ireland, even Auschwitz and many more. There are places I still want to visit or visit again: Athens, Ireland, Ayers Rock, India, Thailand, Crater Lake, Mt Saint Helens, Manchu Picchu and many, many more.

Mama Bear

Dec 28, 2020
Hmmm...my first thought is exactly what @Gayle Wyant wrote about sacred places being wherever you are. For, I'd like to travel back in time to my mom's and our house during one of the happy times.