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The Puffin, The Fool and an AMAZING Leap Of Faith.


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Mar 4, 2021
West Yorkshire UK
Today has been one of those AMAZING days i could only hope for. By amazing i mean how my hubby has been.

So because of this before i tell you all what he did, I am going to tell you his name. Because he really needs to be recognised fully from now on after this today.

His name is Stuart, everyone calls him Stu though. He also has PTSD, which can be an issue at times. I will even post his picture at the end.

So i will start by explaing why i titled this as i have. He loves Puffins. Its the fool card, and today he took an amazing leap of faith while we were out.

He wanted to go out for the day and last week he told me he wanted to go into the next big town. Usually this can bring a bit of an anxiety issue. So instead of saying we would have a meal out, then it not happening because he needs to get home. With me then getting stressed inside, but not showing it. This time i just said If we do, we do. If we dont, we dont.

He was ready to go WITHOUT dragging his feet getting ready, which is usual and me chasing him because of the time. NONE of that today. I had already put on my Aquamarine bracelet to help keep me calm, so we ready to go with no stress at the planned time.

We already had a plan of where to go for what we were looking for. So no jumping from shop to shop, with Stu getting restless about it all.

So after finding the first 2 items wanted, we decided it was coffee time. Still all chilled out and NO signs of stress or anxiety. So off we went to my fave metaphysical shop, which he likes too, for coffee in their upstairs coffee shop, deciding to sit outside instead. Yea they have a few tales outside of the actual shop window. We had not at that point been into the downstairs part of the building.

So there we are sat enjoying our coffee, when he shivered and rubbed the back of his neck, saying he felt a warm draught and was checking behind his right shoulder along the window, to see if one was open at the top. I then told him that the shop door was open, behind and just to his left, he was sat angled so a slight movement of air would touch his neck.

Nope he said it was from someone in there. It was someone who was often in there, but a warm, though slightly confused feeling. I could see the young lady behind the counter, but he said it was not from here. Having finished my coffee i went inside as planned, while he finished his. As soon as i walked in i saw who he must have been getting it from. I stuck my head out and quietly told him who was in there, out of his vision. Oh how his face lit up and he was in like a shot. He was rather reluctant to say anything, but i gave him a little encouragement and she did too. He then came over to me as i was looking in one of the display cabinets, i then heard him say hello to someone. I turned round and it was one of the shop owners. After the hello's and hugs, Stu then told her about it all, adding in another experience he had a few years ago. He did say that he felt stupid, as he could never tell who would listen or laugh at him. I had already told him not to bother about that here, as we are all like minded. They were so eager to listen to him, knowing all he has been through with his PTSD, {{ They were amazingly supportive of me back then }} it was beautiful to see him opening up and being so felaxing in the end with it.

Oh my how he was buzzing yet calm for the rest of our day out.

He has gone to bed early, because he was so tired, but a happy tired.

So with the Transformation of the Caterpillar, the Seeing light in the dark with his Bat and the leap of faith with the puffin. How far can he go now with it all.???

I am so so proud of him for taking that leap of faith today.

This is Stu, taken when he was not looking last summer while on holiday.

Oh and the bracelet. Well it seems i dont need it now, as it broke while we were sat have a few drinks before heading home, in a lovely quiet pub not far from the train station. I collected the chips up and will re thread it ib a few days, after cleansing them.


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