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WILD RIDE with the eclipse and the new moon


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Mar 6, 2021
and whatever planet body wants to join in and take some credit.

Its like I have broken free from some massive cage. Feeling old - Poof - Bye bye buhbye

I've been listening to a lot of very heavy beat but very powerful bouncy dance music.
And I am not the only one. My husband shaved his head into a mow-hawk with a long back pony tail. We've been talking-feeling it, massive change.

He first thought he was going through a mid life crisis but then he realize he felt FREE... like to be exactly all he has ever wanted to. Bad boi, dressing as wants, getting his ears re-pierce, re-embracing who he is and who I know.. (one of the few who knows the real fox) (Short recap - had cancer at 5, radiation destroyed part of his pituitary, a shitload of medical issues throughout his life including having 3 strokes which one destroyed the gland that manages pain, pleasure, sensations so his entire left side is in a constant low level pain, add that - nobody expected him to survive to 50.) We moved here (back to his home turf) in 2019 and it's been the best thing for him. (And me too but for other reasons). I will tell you -talk about being HOT!!! Panting and not from menopause.

I'm not even sure how to describe how I feel -- this almost dizzy sensation, I broke free from these chains, and I am embracing my leather technomage side of myself, and the dark crone - layers of velvet, lace, swirls, skirts, purple hair and wild ass jewelry. My beads have been calling. It's a wave of liberation... that's the best way I can explain it. Like going naked at a nude beach for the first time. The fear of being judge for how you look like, and find that nobody gives a rats ass about how you look. (And yes I know that feeling very well) - that is what has happened this last week+ Massive massive shift.

I found I have no patience or desire to be around bouncy metafluffyprotospiritualists - so I took a break to find my voice inside on where I want to go and who I want to spend my online energy with.

Now to figure out how to get my body to actually move the way I want to. Being handicap now, having been a long distance runner - has got to go. I need my motion back.

I'm sleeping only 5ish hours. I find myself with so much energy, so much clarity with my coding, my work, my connection to the universe.

It's slightly unnerving.

How is everyone else with this eclipse and new moon.