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Woke up at 3.33 am for a reason.


Well-known member
Mar 4, 2021
West Yorkshire UK
Not happened before but this morning i woke up at 3.33 am and i just had to get up.

I began house hunting on line and found the one i was looking at last night at 4.33am. MM not sure if that is significant but as for the 3.33 am waking up, hubby has a strong connection to the number 3. Lots of 3's reoccurring in his life since birth.

So having told hubby i kept hearing ""Go north. Go north."" Quite a lot this and is actually north of where he wants to be. MM Not sure that is going to be so easy. BUT I am sure he will like this property i have found. For many reasons. Then there are the mermaids The fish The crabs and all other sea animals that told me they were waiting for me a few weeks back on a Sunday morning meditation with Mama Bear.

OME ON HUBBY GET UP I want to show you this house i found. 😁 :love:💜🦋