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Y'all Ready For THIS? Pick a Card Tarot Reading for the Month of May 2022


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Mar 4, 2021
West Yorkshire UK
Oh my. Would you believe i very very rarely ever wear green. YET a few days ago i bought a new fleece just to wear when something light is needed either in or outdoors and it FOREST green.

The hanged Man and Bat tells me to You are not trapped and to See the Light in the Dark.

Then you put up Emu Immediately i got. Bend over and shake your tail feathers. Then the 9 of Cups and Puffer Fish. The guy in the 9 of cups i see him smiling with Pride, same goes for the Puffer fish. Puffed up in Pride of how far you have come and what you have acheived.
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Mar 6, 2021
OH WOW....

I love Emus!!!! I watch a channel that is raising these big dudes -- so funny.

Anyway. I pulled out my forest green shirt today to wear - it was a toss up between this green or my wild glow in the dark vivid green tank top.

I have the fair right in the middle of the month and I am definitely going to do a bit of showwitchyship with it. I was on the fence but now, I feel I want to have some fun and splash.


Jul 15, 2021
Oakland Maine
Wow I love e the reading and talking about some things that hit ho.e for me. Some lime a great mouth and also A good to start some news things. Thank you Mama Bear, And have a great day.