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Zodiac Signs LIVE Tarot Reading - Mon. Nov 15, 2021


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Mar 4, 2021
West Yorkshire UK
I have just watched the first part of this, as i only got online around the 40 min mark. Which meant i missed the card for Pisces.

WOW LOL Yea a big WOW.

I saw the card for Virgo yesterday, which was the Sea Horse. @Mama Bear mentioned the fact that its the Male Sea Horses that give birth, so it was about giving birth to something. So this is where the first WOW hit me. As yesterday my hubby did something on his own that he has not done for years. He stepped out of his PTSD comfort zone, I mean so far out it was beyond his horizon of things he does, or is usually able to do. I had coached him on somethings and told him what @Mama Bear had said on the Angel readings live last week. He worked with that, alongside other things he knows how to work with. So the Unicorn card and Angel Azrael. Unicorn to stand proud and show people who he is now, and not how they remember him pre PTSD. He is a different man, but in a good way. Then Angel Azrael being the angel of death, who can hide from those she does not want to be seen by. They both worked well for him. So He DID give birth to how others now see him.
Then i watched Pisces about 20 mins ago. Again about giving birth. Yea double WOW. I saw it as myself giving birth to hubby's new ways of dealing with things that can in the future be way out of his comfort zones.
While he has had a bit of fall out from yesterday, which meant oil massaged in last night to prevent a full blown PTSD episode, it was just about the ""What If's"" As in what if this or that had happened. Again nothing out of the ordinary really, its part of him processing and letting it go. After all it was a Funeral for an old biker mate of his. Thankfully though, none of the ""What ifs"" he had before going actually happened.

Which does mean that there is no need for me to go hunting. 😇 :sneaky:🧙‍♀️💖🦋

There were quite a few spirits around to keep an eye on things too. Which i only found out about last night.

Dont you just love the protection from spirit when they know its needed