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Zodiac Signs LIVE Tarot Reading - Wed Nov 19, 2021


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Mar 4, 2021
West Yorkshire UK
I completely thought there would be no live today Because i just saw Zodiac Sign Readings and Wed Nov Not taking notice of the actual Date itself.

So yea @TheLastChanceCrone We had a bit of a TARDIS moment. As in Time And Relative Dimensions In Space 😁 🤣

Wow LOL Yes i have to laugh as hubby has been stressing big time about our new flooring being laid in our kitchen next Thursday. We knew there could possibly a small issue, which can be sorted before then by us. I just wanted that extra confirmation. Its more the poor old original concrete has has no room to breath for years more than anything else. Too many layers of flooring laid on top of each other. Not by us we pulled up 3 layers of floor covering.

What had me laughing was that i had chosen the original colour of flooring, then hubby said no not that colour this colour, 3 weeks ago. Today @Mama Bear wondered if he was artistic or not, then said she felt he would change something of it. Not knowing he already had. Same style of kitchen floor covering just a slightly different colour.

MM yea left the live before it ended for some afternoon fun. 😉 🥰 🦋