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Studying up on Deer Spirit today and how I may use this energy to enhance healing and growth in my life. Very excited as this represents a new animal spirit for me.
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At the end of the Live today, someone was asking how to contact people in the chat, someone particular. He was directed to the Forums if he wants to chat. However, told it's not to contact anyone for readings.
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Greetings all! Just finally joined here. Have been working with the Animal Allies my whole life and excited to find a tribe to vibe with, Loving the deck and can't wait for the book!!!! Arooooo Peace and Light
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Greetings! I just signed up for this forum. I am very new to Bernadette and the Wild Pack (a week old newbie). I was introduced to Bernadette via a dear friend and have been watching daily since. Thank you for letting me join in. Have a blessed day.