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I'm jus sayin....


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Hi. I lost my birth mother in 2017. She was a Scorpio native-born 11/11/1936. I see signs such as the numbers 11:11 repeatedly and I am reminded of her. I thot it was nice synchronicity that you are "Mama" Bear and are also Scorpio.

I am thankful for you. I hope you are having a wonderful vacation. I love and appreciate you for all that you do. So this is just me, saying thank you!
Ooof, I feel this one. I feel soooo much nostalgia for places that no longer exist 🖤
Loving this song on my at work Playlist. Because first of all, Gwen Stefani.... and also because she says "take a chance you stupid ho" to herself and I can relate 🤣🤣
My subjects, I mean customers, will listen to whatever my Spotify brain says they'll listen to in here 🤣 So here's your Tues inspo. You're welcome 😊

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Good Morning Everyone!!!!
What's some of your input on Controlled Remote Viewing? I've started reading up on it and would like to dive deeper into it. It was declassified by our government in 95 and allowed to be taught to the general public and it really caught my attention.
Thank you
Omg i don’t know why but it’s my second time dreaming you this week Bernadette! It’s sooo unexpected… it’s funny !!! Hope you don’t see this weird but omg I never expect to see you in a dream.


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Your head was floating in the center of a purple/indigo/blue mandala… and you said “why are you here (on earth) “ giving me a pep talk really catched me off guard … it’s was a real fun thing to see :) hahaha hope you’re not weirded out by me hahahaaha I just find This silly and Find dreams fascinating 💖
Wanted to say happy vacation mama bear ! And thank you for "The Ark" it is amazingly beautiful! We all need to rest and reset :) would love send this ,if you would like ,you could email an address...
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Tina n
Tina n
Thanks, I've just started making these , maybe a supplement for soc.sec. lol. getting better with each one. Trying to use specific woods to correspond with ogham. Also added bells ;)
Just starting psychic work. If anyone has any tips or tricks I’d be interested starting from the ground up but starting lol