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Hello, Everyone, just wanted to wish you all a happy Easter and hope you all had a great one. Send lots of love and Many blessings to all of the wild pack. ❤️
Just watched the Bob Ross documentary. I loved watching his shows. But the greedy Bob Ross company that have his name are scum. I feel sad for his son.
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Today was my FREEDOM day LOL Yep the lurgy got us.

I went out early to beat the rush in the supermarket. Just forgot how crazy people are. WHY put your shopping on the belt, when YOU can see i have half of mine to put on. Oh you were not happy when i had to stop and push YOUR seperator back TWICE. Use your brains please.

Now its COLD again, so snuggled up with feet up watching MOTO GP. 😁 🥰 💜 🏍️ 🦋
Omg just got my extras and Kickstarter extra swag omg omg omg. Bee magnet, a book mark the deck and a small bear figurine! Omg I love it so much. Put the magnet on my fridge and realized it’s by my mama bear magnet! Lol❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hello, everyone hopes all is well. So lately I have been having something happen to me. when I wake up, I been seeing some defend thing in my mine eyes.
I'm think it is my psychic shelf starting to wake up, the dreams are so really that I have to move my body before i get out of bed to make sure that I'm not still in the dream. I'm not fearfully of it, just not sure how do get with turned in? Any ides would be a help. thank you and have a great night, many blessing.
Mama Bear
Mama Bear
Wow. Just a couple days ago I posted a thread asking if anyone is having over-the-top dreams and here you are with this question! I'm gonna answer in this dreams thread.
Hello, everyone. Hope you all are doing good today. Been working on my heart charka and not to sure what I need to clean in it. Any thoughts that mine help me out, so I get get it cleaned. Than, you and have a great day
My little broke a tooth and swallowed it. Looks like it’s an early trip to the dentist 🦷 send some positive energy please if you can. Right before Christmas dang.
It’s super early where I am and I stumbled onto the blog about the Bear of light. I took it as also a white bear like polar bear. The picture is a white kind of wispy almost see through bear made of snow holding a small female child close. Almost lovingly in the dark starry night of the barren arctic. I posted what it said in thread with the translation it’s beautiful.