Jaguar Altar & Prayer Card


Energize and charge all your sacred spaces with powerful prayers and intentions from the Animal Allies!

Each Altar and Prayer Card helps you call in the energy and medicine of each Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal Guide.

Place the card in the middle of your altar or sacred space so its vibration radiates out from the center. Surround the card with any special objects that resonate and align with your prayer and intention. These can include:

Really the choice is endless because your altar is your sacred space and yours alone. Each item placed there is to remind you life is a sacred ceremony – that you are the magician and high priestess of your own world.

By working with the Animal Allies you can create whatever life you wish to live. Let them help you live in abundance, joy, and good health. In return…



Jaguar Spirit Animal Prayer & Intention

Beloved Jaguar, respectfully I ask for your guidance to help me be brave at all times. Please support me in trusting my own instincts. Unite me with the Jaguar power in my own spirit so that I may work with your magic and medicine to stay steadfast in the pursuit of my goals and dreams.